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You Have A Mighty Source - Kings | CD

You Have A Mighty Source - Kings | CD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
February 5, 2012

Our 2012 New Years Sermon Series concludes with an introduction to the kings of Israel. After Joshua’s death, God appoints successive Judges to lead and protect His covenant people - the last one, the Prophet Samuel. The Israelites of his day - desiring to be like all the earthly nations more than a people led by God - exert independence and demand Samuel give them a king to rule over them, rejecting God as their King and their singular Source. With grave warnings, God gives them their desire and initiates a succession of kings over Israel – Saul, David, and Solomon. Each king had a hallmark: Saul – rebellion against God’s authority; David – imperfect, but with a passion for God; Solomon: the wisest and wealthiest but filled with tremendous compromise. The story of the kings of Israel reveals the importance of humbly listening with the intent to obey, the consequences of compromise, and the unshakable and eternal legacy that comes from knowing God as the mightiest source available.