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Freedom from Worry - Embracing God's Provision | CD

Freedom from Worry - Embracing God's Provision | CD
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Sermon delivered by G. Allen Jackson
April 21, 2013

In his four-part series, "Freedom From Worry," Pastor Allen addresses the topic of worry and its effects on our lives. In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus tells us four times not to worry. Worry was as much a part of people's lives in Jesus' time as it is today. Yet, Jesus is still commanding us to not worry, but to trust in the Lord. In a time when worry, anxiety and fear are epidemic in our society, Pastor Allen stresses the fact that worry is a sin that will, in time, erode God's best or our lives. Worry and faith are directly related. Giving in to our worries causes us to believe what WE think, feel and believe over what God says, thinks, and has for us. This makes a god out of ourselves and strangles our faith, leaving us weak and unable to stand. Thankfully, Pastor Allen reassures us that if Jesus tells us not to do something, He has also given us the power not do it. That power comes in our ability to have a greater awareness of eternity. By embracing the gift of the Holy Spirit, we can have the power, love, and peace of mind that God provides for us. This transfer of trust that must take place in order for us to gain freedom from worry can only occur through time spent daily with the Lord, forgiveness of others, letting go of our past failures, and allowing ourselves to dream.